shape your language skills with psychology
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More than a language class
Language Coaching is a psychological approach to foreign language learning
conducted by psychologists and native speakers
Unblock your language. Get rid of fear, anxieties, stress when speaking foreign languages
Learn skills
Presentation skills, pitching, small talk, negotiation, social skills, interview preparation
Be independent
Feel confident in a foreign language
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About Anuba
We are Ania and Jakob and we founded Anuba together in 2020. Having started from Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations 10 years ago, we certified in soft skill cognitive-behavioural training as psychologists and created Anuba. Psychology taught us that working with language means working with the complexity of human expression.

Together with our excellent Team we teach languages to support you in unblocking your communication potential through solution-focused coaching methods.
For whom is Anuba ?
Forever Young
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Unblock your language
Reasons for your language blockage
Psychology shows that unpleasant emotions like stress, anxiety, fear can negatively impact our ability to communicate and learn efficiently.

That is why Language Coaching focuses on overcoming emotional blockages and behaviours that stop you from succeeding in language learning.
Skill training
Language is a communication tool
Skill development is one of the most important parts of Language Coaching. We train mindful communication, professional skills and social skills so you can be confident in applying your foreign language in everyday life.

Be independent
Language Skills - Social Skills - Professional Skills
Language Coaching trains your language and communication. After completing it you will feel stable in your skills and confident in your language expression.
Find yourself in a foreign language
Discover who you are in a foreign language - because sometimes we need to get to know ourselves a little deeper
Psychological approach
Psychology as a gateway to effective language learning.
Why not a language school?
Moving away from standardized learning.
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