shape your language skills
Anuba shapes your language and communication skills through Language Coaching.  This process is shaped by exploring and developing your language skills and social skills. 
Language Coaching
More than language classes
Unblock your full communication potential and book a free consultation
Develop your language skills
Understand how to be yourself in a foreign language
Trusted system
Find out exactly how you work and learn most effectively. 
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Language learning through the lens of psychology
Reasons for your language blockage
Understanding your unique language identity and developing your language skills guarantees your success. But before we can celebrate that success we have to look at the problem. 
Shape your Trusted System 
Set your goals and learn how to achieve them
You are in full control of your learning outcomes. We train and realign your Trusted System - your personal way of learning based on language acquisition strategies and your goals. 

Unblock your full communication potential
Language Skills - Social Skills - Professional Skills
Your sophisticated adult self-identity is conflicted when it faces limitations in an underdeveloped foreign language. Language Coaching helps you feel comfortable and confident when communicating in a foreign language.
For whom is Anuba ?
Forever Young
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Find yourself in a foreign language
Discover who you are in a foreign language - because sometimes we need to get to know ourselves a little deeper
Psychological approach
Psychology as a gateway to effective language learning.
Why not a language school?
Moving away from standardized learning.
About Anuba
We are Ania and Jakob and we founded Anuba together in 2020. Having started from Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations 10 years ago, we certified in soft skill cognitive-behavioural training as psychologists and created Anuba. Psychology taught us that working with language means working with the complexity of human expression. We believe that our specialisation can support creating your confidence in a new language.
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